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EP 9: John Smith - Honest Brand Building With The Mortgage Smith

If the content you show the world is meant to tell potential clients who you are, how do you decide what to show them? Do you keep the focus on your business and what it can do for them, do you focus on your personality, or do you develop a different personality entirely? It may surprise you, but the best way to establish yourself as a leader is to simply be yourself. After the financial calamity of 2008, John Smith pivoted away from his previous career as a loan officer within a small bank to give 100% to creating his mortgage and loan business in the real estate industry. Now known as “The Mortgage Smith,” John continues to thrive alongside his team, and he shares his wisdom as an author and the host of the Real Estate Insiders Podcast.

EP 08: Hammer J. Helmer - Engineering Originator Success In An Online World

Is Google helping or harming your business? If it’s doing more harm than good - or if you aren’t sure - it’s time to get current and start using the Internet’s best tools to your advantage. The market crash of 2008 didn’t stop Hammer J. Helmer from bouncing back to found OriginatorSuccess based on his decades of experience in and around real estate loan origination and with the needs of originators struggling to market themselves in mind. Now, Hammer teaches industry professionals how to keep a steady stream of leads in their business.

EP 07: Sean Caufield - Building Your Brand As A Loan Officer (The Right Way)

What’s the best way to rise to the top of a majorly saturated market? You could try a lot of fancy tactics and expensive marketing - or you could be visibly yourself, put in the hard work, and proactively learn from the people around you. Sean Caufield started out at the bottom rung of mortgage sales and worked his way up to becoming one of the top producing loan officers in New York City through Madison Mortgage Services, Inc. Now, Sean continues to grow his brand and his success story on a firm foundation of honest content and a strong commitment to the buyers he serves.

EP 06: Rebecca Richardson - Winning Content Strategy, Starring You

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Rebecca cover the process (and necessity) of becoming your most authentic self in your own marketing, matching the right media platform to the strategy you want to use to get information to your audience, and the specifics of how she plans, creates, and distributes her unique video content. Tune in for an interview that will give you an entirely new perspective on content strategy with your own individual twist.

EP 05: Reed Letson - How to Attract the Right Attention

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Reed dig into Reed's game-changing content strategy, bringing your unique personality into every piece of your marketing (even if you aren't actually doing it), and leveraging social media interactions to build actual relationships with your client base. Listen in for some quick, easy action steps that will level up your visibility, and the quality of your leads, faster than you thought possible.

EP 04: Mark Cruz - Consistency + Effort overtime = Anything You Want

On this episode of the Loan on Demand Podcast, Luke and Mark talk about the formula on how to build the company that you want and how to continuously grow your business. Tune in for an interview that will give you an insight into how to change the course of your business to success.

EP 03: Luke Shankula - An Overview Of Sales Process

On this episode of the Loan on Demand Podcast, Luke discusses the six steps to a perfect sale and the ways on how to effectively manage a loan business. Tune in for an episode that will help you learn some sales tips.

EP 02: Luke Shankula - Mistakes Loan Officers Make With Marketing

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke discusses and identifies the three major mistakes a loan officer can make through his career. Tune in for an episode that will educate you on how to operate your loan business correctly.

EP 01: Luke Shankula - Introduction To Loans On Demand Podcast

On the first episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke discusses why he decided to start with this podcast, its foundation, and how to create new ways to get direct with customers. Tune in for an episode that will help you improve your business processes.


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